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Thank your for joining, hotels with baby-clubs specialist, and welcome to the Members’ page !

Here you get an access to exclusive content created by, available nowhere else : pinpointed in a map locator more than 120 hotels with baby-clubs worldwide, from 2 to 5 stars and childcare starting from birth. In addition, useful travel resources are avalailable for free download : the check-list for flight-travel with baby(ies) ; and an email template for vacation rental in both French and English! is still young, this page will be enriched as I publish new articles and find new hotels, in order to always help facilitate your trips !!

  • Find your next dream destination: use the hotels with baby-club locator below

Very simple:

  1. Zoom to find your best destination (town or country)
  2. Click on hotel’s link to get all the details!

No longer needed to spend hours (days) to find whether the hotel does or not offer childcare services. Here you’re sure they do : I triple checked for you !

  • Download the check-list for flight-travel with baby(ies):

The check-list for a plane-travel with baby(ies)-Allofamily-hotel-with-baby-club_EN-min

English version:


French version:







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